100 Days of Christmas Savings: Day 77, Compare Fees and Insurance

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100daysinsurWhile we’re on the topic of fees, let’s talk about overpaying. Some of our bills are variable, but we get so used to having the same company all the time that we don’t price check often enough. For instance, take a look at your car insurance. If you’ve had it for years, you probably have earned some sort of loyal customer discount. But this discount might not be enough to offset the savings you could enjoy at another provider. This is especially true if you pay your insurance monthly, rather than in a lump sum every six months.

Set up meetings with other insurance companies to see if you can save money with a company that charges less for fees or offers more affordable coverage. You could save over $50 per month just by doing this, especially if you insure more than one car and your home as well!

You may also want to check out your credit cards and bank accounts. These often have fees associated with them, particularly if you work with one of the older banks that still charges monthly fees and maintenance fees. Look at the services you get with you financial institutions and shop around to see if you can get the same service with fewer fees elsewhere.

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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