100 Days of Christmas Savings: Day 62, Drive Less at Christmas Time

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100daysdrive2Even if  gas prices are dropping a little bit in many parts of the country, driving is still an expensive pastime. Try to minimize the amount you drive over the next six weeks and use the money you save on gas to help pay for presents.

If you go out to lunch every week for work, bring a lunch instead—you’ll save yourself the drive. Instead of going to out-of-state malls and shopping areas, stick to local stores. If your family lives in another state or even just another city, try to cut down on visits. You’ll be spending Christmas with them anyways, so extra trips between now and Christmas will just cost you extra money. This is particularly true if you live in a snowy or icy area, where bad roads can reduce your gas mileage and make driving even more expensive.

To save money on driving, try to carpool with others whenever possible. Instead of all of your friends taking separate cars to dinner, take turns picking everyone else up. Instead of driving 20 minutes to work, carpool with a coworker or a friend who works in the same area. Your gas savings might be so impressive that you choose to carpool even after the Christmas season is over!

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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