100 Days of Christmas Savings: Day 54, Save Kids’ Christmas projects for Next Year’s Decor

100dayskidsYou can spend hundreds of dollars on Christmas decorations, but they won’t make your home feel Christmas-like if you don’t love them.

You can get free decor for next Christmas from THIS Christmas! How? Save the Christmas cards you get from family and friends. They are meaningful and free—they’re a nice way to remember everyone who cares about you and is thinking about you on Christmas. You can line them up on the mantle, hang them vertically on a wall, or find another creative way to display them. As the years pass, you can keep your favorites displayed and save the rest in boxes.

Another great idea for Christmas decorations? Your kids’ Christmas art projects. Between school, home, and extracurriculars, they probably made at least a few cute drawings and crafts. Display them prominently in your home. They’ll make you happy every time you look at them, and your kids will feel very proud that their artwork is hanging up. As your kids grow older, looking at the artwork and ornaments they made when they were young is a fun way to go back in time. Think about laminating projects that you want to save for a long time to keep them from ripping.

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