100 Days of Christmas Savings: Day 41, Wrap Gifts with Magazine or Comic Pages

100daysgiftsGift wrap is a surprisingly expensive part of Christmas. You spend a few bucks on a tube, use it on two large gifts, and all you have left is an unusable strip. Before you know it, you’ve spent over $20 on gift wrap! Despite how expensive it is, no one seems to care about it—except that one relative that carefully folds up used wrapping paper and uses it the next year. If no one is worried about what your gift wrap looks like, why not use a free option?

If you subscribe to any magazines, using pages from them is a free and easy way to make your own wrapping paper. Magazine pages are shiny like wrapping paper and brightly colored to look interesting. This works better with smaller gifts that you can wrap a few pages around. Larger gifts would require so many magazine pages that it might not be practical.

Another free gift wrap method involves using comic pages from the Sunday paper. They have a fun, nostalgic feel, which makes them perfect for Christmas gifts. They also fold out to be very wide, so they can be used for large gifts. Save your comic pages for a few Sundays and you’ll have enough “wrapping paper” for most of your gifts!

And for some AWESOME homemade gift ideas make sure you head over and check out 100 Days of Homemade Christmas Gifts at The Happy Housewife.


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