100 Days of Christmas Savings: Day 40, Join Survey Panels for Extra Cash

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100dayssurveyWhile you won’t get rich or buy a mansion from the money you earn doing surveys, you can earn enough to upgrade your Christmas! When you sign up for survey sites like E-Poll and Pinecone Research, you fill out your demographic information. Based on your age, race, sex, job, and other traits, they will send you surveys that require your opinion. Surveys pay from $0.50 to over $10 (sometimes more if your demographic is more rare)! It all depends on how long the survey is and how much work you have to put into it.

Another benefit of joining a survey panel is the chance to join exclusive customer panels. Many survey panels collaborate with major companies that are looking for customer opinions. When you join these panels, you can get gift cards, coupons, and cash that you can use for Christmas.

Sign up- it’s fun.

Vindale Research – Get Paid to $5-75 to Review Products!
My Points (my personal favorite)
InboxDollars ($5 bonus)

To do as many surveys as possible, join as many legit survey sites as you want. You may want to create a new email address just for surveys, so you know when new surveys are coming in. Stick all of your earnings into your Christmas account—a few minutes a day on the computer is definitely worth being able to buy your family Christmas presents!

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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