100 Days of Christmas Savings: Day 32, Downsize Your Gift List

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100daysdownsizeThis tip is super simple, but it’s one that people are often reluctant to use. Every year, Christmas spending goes up, and it’s because people just keep thinking that more is better.

You can reverse that trend right now in your family and ensure a future of affordable, reasonable Christmas celebrations. To start, set a reasonable budget for gifts for each member of your family. No matter how many times your teenager claims that everyone else gets an iPod, laptop, and TV for Christmas, that’s just not realistic for most families.

Let your family know ahead of time that you’re downsizing the amount of presents they’ll be getting in order to avoid disappointment on the actual holiday. Explain that you want to get back to what Christmas really means by spending time together, watching Christmas movies, and enjoying each others company. While they may initially be unhappy, they’ll be happy once they see how fun Christmas is!

Put a lot of thought into the gifts you do buy. One well-thought out gift is worth more than two random gifts.

In addition to giving more personalized gifts, consider giving free but meaningful items to your family. Write a top ten list of your favorite things about each family member. Even if your teenager scoffs at it, he’ll secretly save it forever. Prepare everyone’s favorite meal, taking turns on the days leading up to Christmas. Acts of love like this are worth more than gifts!

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This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy

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