100 Days of Christmas Savings: Day 22, Trade Babysitting with Friends

100daysbabyIf you have kids and lots of friends who also have kids, trading babysitting is a good replacement for traditional gift giving. Babysitting is expensive and, more than that, it’s tough to find a babysitter you trust! When you’re close friends with someone, you already know that you can trust them and that they can trust you.

This trade works better if you and your friends are in similar financial situations. Suggesting a babysitting trade to someone who doesn’t have a lot to spend on gifts will probably relieve some of their holiday stress! You really only have to trade one night of babysitting—consider that you spend $5-$10 an hour on a babysitter, after four hours out you’ve saved enough to make it a great Christmas gift. Trading babysitting with several friends will give you  a lot of nights to spend out with your spouse!

For this to work really well make sure that you and your friends are clear on what a night of babysitting entails. You don’t want a spat to break out because one couple goes to dinner and comes back an hour and a half later, while another couple goes out for seven hours!

But not only is setting up a “babysitting club” like this great for saving money.. it’s also great to make sure that we get to go out more often as a couple!

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