10 Ways to Save Money in 2012- Use Coupons

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It’s a new year, so I am sure many of you are thinking about your new years resolutions.  I am a big believer that when you make changes baby steps are the best way to make it toward your goal- otherwise you can simply burn yourself out.

Over the next few days I am going to give you 10 easy ways that you can save money in 2012.  Now you can do all of them if you like, but I might recommend trying a few and seeing if you can stick with it, then if you want to do more, please do!!

#1  Save money in 2012 by using coupons

There are a lot of ways to use use coupons and I totally encourage it.  Some of you out there are huge coupon users, some of you use a few and some of you have probably never used a coupon.  I am in the category of those who use a few.  I’ll tell you why- My family and I are on a pretty restrictive diet (no gluten and now no corn or dairy) and there are coupons available, but I have found a lot of ways to save that are beyond couponing (ie- markdowns and shopping at places like .99 only).  But I definitely use them for some of our groceries and eating out- and they save us a lot of money!!coupons

Here are my recommendations on where to get coupons:

Your Sunday paper- To get the most value check to see what inserts come in your local paper (s).  We have 2 in our area and one of them carries the Smartsource and RedPlum inserts the other only carries the Smartsource.  So if I was buying the paper only for the coupons I would definitely want the one with more coupons.

Places to get the Sunday Paper:

Discount Newspapers- I have found this online site to be pretty inexpensive, check to see if they have your local paper for cheap.
Dumpsters- not necessarily for the faint of heart, but it is not as bad as it seems. My mom lived in an apartment complex for a long time and they had a recycle bin right by the garbage. You could usually pick the coupons right off the top.
Friends- Ask your friends to save them for you, they probably will.  Maybe bring them a freebie you got with the coupons every once and a while as a thank you.
Coffee Shop- Stop at a favorite coffee shop on Sunday, pick up a treat and check out the Sunday papers left around the place, many will have coupons left in them. And the money you save on the paper means your coffee might be sort of free :)
Buy them- If you want particular coupons you can buy them on Ebay

Online Sources for Coupons:

Check our database- FFD has a full database of pretty much all the coupons that are available online.  All you have to do is enter a search term of the coupon you are looking for and if it’s online it should pop up on the database.  You can also visit individual sites like Redplum, Coupons.com and Smartsource buy clicking the coupon buttons on the side of FFD.

All You- All you is a great source for coupons.  You probably will not find this magazine for free but you can pick up a decent price on Amazon- and the savings can out way the cost.

Restaurant Coupons:

Entertainment Book-  We love the entertainment book, it gives you bogo entrees at local restaurants and has an online version you can use when you buy the book.  I like the online version a lot because you can use it when you travel without purchasing a 2nd book.  Just make sure you call ahead to ensure the establishment you want to go to is still open or not changed hands (this has happened to us more than once!!)  Go through Ebates and get cashback on the Entertaiment Book  off and a $5 bonus or $10 giftcard if you are new to them.

Restaurant.com- Reduced cost vouchers for eating out at restaurants in your area.  This can be great, but they are a bit restrictive.  So make sure you read the find print on the site and decide if any of the restaurants on the list are ones you actually want to eat at!! (get 60% off with the code DINNER until Jan 5).

Learn how to use your coupons:

Go to Grocery University- This is a great course for old time couponers or newbies.  It’s under $25 and will probably save you 1000′s (now that is a good return). I highly recommend it.

Organize your Coupons:

Check out the Couponizer- this product has been around for years and has tons of happy coupon customers!!

Try using coupons, be it a little or a lot.  It will save you money and your pocketbook will thank you!!

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


  1. Sue says

    Dumpsters!? … LOL. I would suggest be neighborly and talk to your neighbors and ask them to give you their unwanted coupons so the coupons don’t end up in the dumpster. And maybe organize a recycle bin so that coupons are separated from the rest of the recyclable for everyone to use.

    • frugal jen says

      It really depends on your area.. when my mom lived in an apartment complex they were just right there on top of the recycling dumpster.. too easy not to take :)


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