10 Ways to Save This Year: Homeswap

10 Ways to Save This Year:  HomeswapOK- I will be honest this is not one of the tips I have been able to do yet. But the optimal word is..yet. Because I really want to. We live in the suburbs of San Diego and are around 25 minutes from the beach so I think that even though we are not directly in SD I think our home would still be desirable.

Tip #6 to Save money this year- Ditch the hotel and swap homes on your next vacation.

Basically homeswaping is just what it sounds like- instead of staying at a hotel for a vacation you find a place you want to go and see if anyone in that area wants to come to your area on a service like HomeExchange.com. You personally converse with them by email and phone and decide if it is a good match- and they you switch homes for your vacation. Some people even swap cars.  Depending on where you want to go it could save a ton- probably at least $1000 dollars.

From all the research I have done it seems to be very successful- I guess when you know someone is staying in your home you treat theirs well :).

To list your home is a very reasonable a $119.40 a year (or you can pay under $50 for 3 months)- and there is no cost beyond that.

I would love to know if anyone has done this and find out about their experience- it just seem so cool to me and I hope to report my experience to you someday!!

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  1. Brenda says

    I’ll home swap with you! How does next week sound? Great, I’ll start packing! :) Oh, you’re coming to Minnesota baby! You can borrow my sweaters, snow boots, hats, mittens, shovels, coats, kleenex…

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