10 Ways to Save in 2012- Blog Giveaways

You may or may not think that this tip is a little silly- But I really think you could have some fun and save a bit on gifts and special treats for yourself by:

Tip #7 Save more money in 2012 by entering blog giveaways.

I have won a few blog giveaways myself and it is always fun getting your prize.  It rarely is anything big but I still enjoy getting a free giftcard, book or spa basket.  The thing I like about entering blog giveaways is that your chance of winning is really pretty good- even on the large blogs that my get several 1000 entries (and even better when there are just 100 or so).

My recommendation in doing this is to only enter the ones that have prizes you really want to win- either to give as a gift or for yourself.  I say this because you could spend a lot of time entering them and if you want to do that it’s great but if not, spend your time wisely.

Every Wednesday FFD has a link to Blog Giveaways that you can scan for anything you would like to win and one of the biggest lists is at MoneySavingMom- pretty much if a blog is giving away something you will probably find it listed there.

If you have been thinking about upping your entries on blog giveaways this year I encourage it- 1. It supports more blogs (and mostly moms) 2.  It’s fun and 3. You might win some cool stuff!!

What have you won on blog giveaways?

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  1. says

    I love sharing my blog giveaways! As for me, I have won about 20-30 books (I’m a BIG book fan), costume jewelry, DVDs, bath items, and food. Other thank books, I usually apply to contests with impractical things that I would not budget to buy for myself. And, it’s fun!!

  2. Joyce Raymond says

    I won the XBox 360 with Kinect just in time to give it to my daughter and her new husband as a wedding-Christmas gift! Iøve also won 3 gift cards in various amounts.

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