10 Ways to Pick Up Extra Cash for the Holidays

save-for-christmasWho is ready for Christmas?  I don’t think I really ever am!

The holidays are sneaking up on you, and with them, extra expenses and trips. Whether you need money for gifts, holiday meals, or family trips, you can use these 10 methods to rack up some extra holiday cash.

1. Facebook Selling Groups

Most large cities and even many medium or small cities have selling groups on Facebook. As a member of these groups, you can post your items and have buyers come right to you to pick them up. Turn last year’s bummer holiday gifts into this year’s Christmas gifts!

2. Handmade Decorations and Goods

A lot of people love the look of handmade decorations and gifts but lack the talent to make them themselves. If you are artsy or crafty, spend a little bit of extra time making stocking hooks, Christmas decorations, or cute gifts.

3. Part-Time Retail Job
Retail can be a tough field, but it can be perfect for extra holiday income. Not only can you earn an extra paycheck every two weeks, you often get an employee discount that can help you save money on your gift shopping.

4. Tutoring/Editing
College kids are starting to realize that the end of the semester is right around the corner and they want to save their grades! Offer your tutoring services in a field you’re experienced in or proofread students’ papers. You may be spending lots of time on the couch reading research papers, but at least you can do it from home. Apply to become a tutor here.

5. Pet Sitting
During the holiday season, people often head out of town for shopping or to see family. If you’re good with animals, advertise your services as a pet sitter. Often, this job just involves feeding, providing water, and possibly taking the animal for walks. Apply to be a pet sitter here.

6. Babysitting
If you prefer humans to animals, why not make a little extra cash babysitting? It’s hard for parents to find responsible people to care for their children. By just taking a kid or two while their parents go Christmas shopping, you can pay for a couple gifts.

7. Fall Clean-Up
The leaves are falling and the grass is dying. Elderly or disabled people in your neighborhood may not be able to clean up their yards and get them ready for winter. A fall clean-up service can help you get some extra exercise and income.

8. Shoveling
If you live in an area where snow is an issue, bundle up and shovel your neighbor’s driveways. This job might require you to wake up early, but it can be a quick way to bring in some cash.

9. House Cleaning
The holidays bring holiday visitors. If you know people who are too busy to get their house company-ready, you can make some extra money by cleaning it for them. Apply for housecleaning jobs here.

10. Errands
Whether it’s picking kids up from school, taking packages to the post office, or picking up groceries, people are willing to pay for convenience. Offer your services as an errand runner for some pocket money.

And don’t forget to check out our series 100 Ways to Save On Christmas we have tons of great ideas for reducing the cost of the holidays and making extra to pay for what you do want to do.

What are some way you found work for your family to stay in budget for Christmas?  We woudl love to hear them.

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    I’m earning both cash and gifts for Christmas through Usborne Books. I’ve made $600 so far which I’m pretty excited about!! My friends are getting free books for their kids by hosting parties too so it’s a win-win

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