10 Easy Ways to Save $100

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10waysWho would say no to an extra $100? It’s easy to save $100 over time by using these fun and easy tricks. Even better, they don’t require a huge change in your lifestyle—little tweaks go a long way!

1. Take a lunch to work

Instead of going out for lunch twice a week at $12 a pop, make every lunch at home. You’ll save $100 a month, save yourself some calories, and enjoy a home cooked meal every day! To make it easier to pack your lunch, pack leftovers at the same time you put together dinner plates. Your lunch will be packed before you even sit down to dinner.

2. Switch from a bank to a credit union

Banks are riddled with fees—fees to have a checking account, fees for overdrawing, ATM fees, and more. Credit unions are owned by their members, so they limit fees and increase the interest you can earn on your checking and savings accounts.

3. Cancel cable

Cable TV plus Internet can cost $80 to $100 more than just Internet. Think about it; you probably only watch a few channels. Find a way to watch your favorite shows online, cancel cable, and instantly save $100 per month. Read my post on How we got free “Cable TV” (and it’s legal!!!).

4. Make your own beauty supplies

Body wash, lotion, and soap are all expensive. Hit up your local arts and crafts store and buy the ingredients you need to make your own beauty supplies. You can make them smell however you want and it is way more affordable than buying beauty items. Get my homemade toothpaste recipe.

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5. Throw a party at home

Going out with your friends can be expensive, just the dinner bill will set you back way . Instead, host a party at your home. You’ll get to enjoy your friends’ company without the bill at the end of the night.

6. Check your credit card statements for recurring expenses and fees

It’s easy to just pay your credit card bill without looking at your statement. Look for recurring fees or memberships you forgot you were paying for and cancel them.

7. Use deal sites for personal grooming

Sites like Groupon almost always have salon deals going on. You can save 50% or more on hair styling services, which easily adds up to $100 after a few salon visits.

8. Get a crock pot

A crock pot allows you to buy cheap cuts of meat and cook them low and slow for best flavor. Instead of buying expensive cuts of meat, you can save money on groceries and still enjoy a delicious supper.

9. Swap babysitting services

Instead of paying for babysitters at $10 an hour, swap babysitting services with other friends that have kids. You’ll enjoy a guilt-free night while helping out your friends.

10. Look for cheaper insurance options

If you’ve been loyal to an insurance company for years, you might be throwing away money. Compare prices at other insurance dealers to see how much money you can save every month.

Have you tried any of these or add any to your repertoire?

This Post Contains Affiliate Links - Disclosure Policy


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